Information for Parents

Teller County custodial parents receiving public assistance (TANF) are automatically eligible for child support enforcement services at no fee. When custodial parents terminate from public assistance, Teller County Child Support Services will continue to collect all current and past due money owed to the custodial parent. Current child support is collected until the child turns 19 years of age (or the custodial parent asks Teller County CSE to stop), and we will continue to collect any money still owed to the Colorado public assistance fund or arrears owed to a custodial parent.

Teller County parents not receiving public assistance may apply for child support enforcement services to establish and enforce child support orders (whether the order was entered in the State of Colorado or not) for a fee of $20.00.

If you think you may need the assistance of Teller County Child Support Services, please click on the following link for an explanation of all of our services, how you may apply for such services, and what information you will need to provide when you initiate your case.

Apply for Services

Please click on the following link for forms that you may need to initiate your case, including an application for services.

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